A Finished Nursery

We’re about a week away from our due date, which means I am trying to prepare myself for her to arrive any day now! It could be today or it could be two weeks from now, but whenever she comes we feel about as ready as we can be.  I want to try to get a few posts up before she arrives about our baby preparation, pregnancy, birth plan, etc.

Today I have some photos to share of our finished nursery.  This is the first and probably last time I will design and decorate a nursery, so I tried to have a lot of fun with it and take my time.  Our son’s nursery was made up of some great hand-me-down bedding and some decorative things I already had from my office when I did therapy with children.  In the future, I’m sure we will have some room sharing and simply re-use nursery items.


I am especially excited about how inexpensive it was to put this room together.  If you have ever shopped for nursery items (bedding especially), you know that the cost of buying a coordinated nursery set with matching accessories is outrageous! When I started considering what to do with this room, I searched online for crib bedding as a starting point and quickly concluded that I needed a different approach.  ($400 for a bedding set? No way, Jose!)

So I did what I’ve always done when it comes to home decorating, I waited until I stumbled upon a central piece that I could afford which would then inspire all of the color decisions for everything else.

I wanted something with a wide enough array of color that I could easily shop for bargains on other pieces without having to be picky about color matching.

One evening we were at a close-out store and my husband picked up the picture you see in the center of the wall and said, “What about this?” It was less than $20, huge, and had a great color palate — I was sold.

From there, I decided on a paint color and kept my eyes open for great deals that would fit into the room.  One item at a time, slowly but surely, it all came together over the course of the last 5 months.  Close-out stores, second-hand shops, gifts, and clearance bins not only made this a fun treasure hunt, but a very affordable home decorating project on a single-income budget.


In the end,  I stayed well below the cost of the nursery sets I had liked to begin with, and that was for EVERYTHING.  I used only my small supplemental income as well, so our primary budget was not affected.  I want to share that because I know in our modern world of Pinterest and Etsy, it is easy to look at pictures of custom decorated nurseries and say, “I could NEVER afford that!”  That’s what I said, anyway.

Of course, no baby needs a decked out nursery.  They need their mom, diapers, milk or formula, and ideally some clothing, but that’s about it really.  Everything else is luxury, right?  Still, I am thankful and excited about the room we were able to put together for our little girl, and I hope that she will grow to love it as much as I do!


  • Do you like to decorate on a budget?

  • What is your #1 decorating tip?

  • Have you made any major decorating mistakes? Any warnings for others?

  • Is there anything pictured that you would like to try or buy yourself?  Let me know if I can answer any questions!


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